Wu Dang

Wu Dang

During the early years of the People's Republic of China, tales spread about a treasure buried near Wudang Mountain. In order to steal the riches, a conspirator from the United States took his highly skilled kung fu daughter to Wudang by means of financing a Taoist martial arts competition. As was to be expected, Wudang was represented at the championship by a disciple who battled it out against other masters of martial arts. During the course of the competition, hatred was fostered toward various parties, the relationship between the two parties became problematic, a Korean female Tai Chi descendent fell in love with the American conspirator, and the identity of the hidden treasure was divulged. If the treasure were to be taken, it would be catastrophic for the city of Wudang because it is the key to the city's magnetic field. Young heroes banded together to vanquish grant masters in order to ensure the safety of Wudang. It is finally time for the long-forgotten Wudang martial arts to make a comeback.

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